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Does God Hear Our Prayers

From the time of the Egyptians, we have always prayed to many God via the priests. When the sun was decreed as the One God, and we had to pray to it through the Pharoahs and we believed God has always heard our prayers.

As it is today, so was it in the olden days. The only reason we pray is to ask for favours. If we pray for something and it happens, we are convinced that God is a listening and living God. But if it does not happen, we believe it is Satan preventing it from doing so hence, we pray more dilligently!

Do You Believe There Is A Seeing, Hearing and Listening God?

15 April 2013

There is no Heaven and neither there is Hell. \there is a spiritual world yes.
Faith is an individual thing. Humans lived long time before religions came along.
Religions are good, depending on individuals. In my view, it has been commercialized
more that how it was in the past.

The way I look at it is, if it helps you, why not. It is an individual thing. What I don`t
like is the way people try to force religion down your throat. Some say religion is
good for the soul.

Posted by Toks Adebisi at 4:36:

28 March 2013

I am really not religious. I do believe there is life after death though. I have heard the ones who have lived a good righteous life will go on to have a beautiful after life. The ones who have been like Hitler, George Bush and Tony Blair will not have a good after life. They will be haunted by the spirits of those killed by that decision to invade Iraq.

Posted by Joseph Franks at 6:30:

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