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 Posted on 2013/03/28 6:36:   Post reply

Africa, Where Is It Heading?

1. Is Africa screaming out for recolonisation?

2. Why has it been impossible to have a benevolent leader from Africa?

3. Is it wise to have the western system of democracy imposed in Africa?

24 June 2013

The Brits Demand £3000.00 Deposit!

What a shame!

They came, they raped, they conquered! We were then exploited directly until we got independence.

But they continued to exploit us despite the so called independence due to our corrupt leaders.

They decided to form a unified white Common Market. They stioll needed manpower from us Africans. Now they have European Union, they can get their cheap manpower from poor whites of Europe.

Well now, what do they need us African and Asians for? They don`t want the Darkies here anymore! They have changed the Immigration Rules to achieve these goals, not wanting to be seen as Racists! We know they are and can`t fool us!

What African government must now do is follow suit and ask for anyone from the UK fo deposit a fee of £5000.00 before coming to any part of Africa. We can hold the money in our accounts to accumulate interests until they return to get their money back!

They are making money from visa applications and have now extended that to Visitors Bonds. The sad thing willl be the fact our so called educated illiterate leaders will be unable to follow suit. We know the big part the brown enverlope plays in our capitalist corrupt democratic system!

Posted by Toks Adebisi at 5:18:

23 April 2013

Many have asked for recolonisation. What they do not understand is the fact that is already in place. Africa is being governed via remote control by those at the Berlin conference when the rush for African colonies started in ernest.

Posted by Afrique2021 at 9:23:

15 April 2013

1. That is an option, recolonisation. I don`t believe that will be attempted since it will mean the colonial masters will have to invest their
time and energy. This will be costlier to the present set up where they have the African stooge leaders doing their job for them.

2. What is a benevolent leader? Do they grow on trees in the jungle? This is not very explicit. When you sasy benevolent leader, strait
away monarchs come to mind. Is that whaty you mean by that?

3. In a place where majorities are illiterate, no, not ideal.

Posted by Joseph Franks at 4:18:

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