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Terms of Use

This Site enables you to share your opinion about Afrika and the rest of the world with others. All opinions and discussions are welcome because we believe in the freedom of speech. In view of this admission, we request you to follow the guidelines when posting or replying to a thread. We also hope you guys will operate self-censorship and refrain from using obscene and abusive words. You can also take advantage of the fact you can post a foto and connect with your private e-mail if you want love. Please do not send money or ask for money.


A) Avoid personal attacks
When replying to a post, you know you are doing so subjectively. Therefore, you cannot say one is right or wrong unless you have irrefutable evidence. Personal attack or attack on ones family is not allowed. If that is done and the authorities want to trace you for infringing ones Human Rights, we will co-operate fully with them to bring the matter to Court. So be self-disciplined to avoid any civil litigation or government intervention as they are doing on Twitter. The onus is therefore on you guys.

B) Keep it clean
This is not a porn site hence one must avoid posting material that is unsuitable for minors. We want to keep this site as a learning site. We want you to post material that children can use in their school work and adults can see as enlightenment. Please let us make the site a kind of educational one. Please avoid racial, tribal, religious, and gender insults!

C) Advertisements
You can do this at the Articles For Sale Section. You pay a $5.00 fee and the advert will be there for two weeks before dropping down. It will be taken off completely after four weeks.

D) Announcements, personals, etc.
Announcements will be deemed to be advertisement. It will therefore cost $5.00. If you want to meet someone on the site, you can do so privately. Actually, management will be pleased if you can make this a dating site too! But you must realise if you publish your details it will be public knowledge. I am sure you can do it privately by exchanging e-mail address or by contacting webmaster. A cost may be incurred if the webmaster is involved.


a) Be Tolerant

Remember you don't know the peoples personally. Therefore there is no point in getting mad.

b) Be Smart & Positive

If you disagree with somebody please do not insult him/her or call them names. Always try to be smart and positive. You do not know them and viz. Opinions are mostly personal therefore subjective.

c) Do not be provoked

Unfortunately a small group of individuals will try to provoke you. Don't get mad but get smart by pointing out their deficiency with your well constructed argument with factual backup if available.

d) Topics

You can post as many times as you want as a Registered gold member user. You also have unlimited access to replies.

e) Think twice

Please think twice before you submit your posting. Make sure it is inoffensive; make sure it is positive and objective. This is a learning site.

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