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Knowledge Is Power

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About Us

We are an online community organisation. Everything is now online , which has turned the world into a global village.
We hope we can help you with any of your issues. We know most of the problems Africans have hence we will try to do the best to our ability to make sure you have a positive outcome as far as  your  issues are concerned.
Through the village community spirit of our members, we also wish people would exchange information in an effort to
find a lasting and holistic relationship.


We are and want to be a community website. We will write representation for presentation on UK Immigration and employment matters. It a community organisation based online as it is becoming very difficult to obtain enough funding to sustain a rented premises and associated costs. We are registered as a Charity founded in April 1996 We will be pleased for your donation


Community based website, where you can post Articles for Sale; request advice on Employment Issues, Debt Counselling and Immigration Rules. You will be able to post threads on Politics of Afrika and the world. It is a site where we hope we will be able to facilitate objective exchanges of how some of us would like to see the way forward. It is not a political or ideological partisan site. But there is no stopping anybody from expressing their views on the thread section since we believe in freedom of speech. We are hoping we can all enlighten browsers as we believe in the adage knowledge is power.



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