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We and want to be an inmteractive community website. We will write representation to help with presentation on UK Immigration and employment matters. It is a community based organisation, online due to lack of funding for rental and runningcosts. We are a registered charity with the registered name of Greenwich Africans Welfare Organisation. Donations will be highly appreciated.  



Community based website where you can post articles for sale; request advice on employment issues, debt counselling and about Immigration Rules. You will be able to post threads about politics of Afrika and the rest of the world. 

It is a site where we hope we would be able to objective exchanges of some of us would like to see the way forward for the human race and wildlife, without which this earth will be different and not a natural world any longer. It is not a political or an ideology partisan thread site. You are welcome to express your views because we believe in freedom of speech. We are hoping we can all enlighten browsers and contributors to the threads. We believe in the phrase knowledge-is-power. Remember the lyrics of Imagine by John Lennon; would it not be wonderful world? 


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