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Knowledge Is Power

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Welcome to DSM Associates

The website is managed by people who want to see justice in the world, first and foremost. Also, knowing peoples have faiths, we have reserved a section of the site for prayers to the Almighty One, whatever your faith; because we believe we are all the family of mankind.

Since religion was organised, we have allowed ourselves to be used by those with agendas of their own. The same happened when these peoples also realised the business model could be transferred to politics! Religion and Politics are the two most evil inventions by man. How many lost their lives during the crusades and the ongoing situation in the Palestine, Israel, and Arab world? How many have perished in wars all over the world because of ideologies?

The idea of the site also is to pass on knowledge that could be relevant to a third party at no costs. If one is a registered member, it could be possible to make a written presentation for representation for the member and also advice on how situations could be resolved.

Praise The Lord, The Almighty One! We want the Almighty One to come to the aid of us humans, as we are bent on destroying this wonderful world of ours! Please Lord, forgive us our trespasses and forgive whatever we have done to allow our rulers to see that we all need each other to survive on this planet of ours.

God Bless.


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